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Important Things You Should Know About a Living Will

A living will let your doctor know what to do in the event of a medical trauma where it is impossible for them to get an answer from you regarding medical produces and choices to be taken which can affect your chances of survival. Each state has their own specific guideline about a living will and its execution will be implemented according to the laws of each state. If you are interested to create a living will of your own, you need to talk about it to your doctor, your local health department and the hospital near you. Alternatively, you can get a lawyer to create a living will for you.  As there are no standardized rules between states, you need to apply for a different living will when you move to another state.You can fill out this form and remember to include any extra wishes you may have on that form. When you are done, sign it and get it witnessed as required by the state legal laws. Once the document is completed, make several copies, give it to your family members, one to your doctor and keep one copy for yourself. Make sure your lawyer has a copy as well.What is the Health Care Power of Attorney?A health care attorney is a person who is responsible to make medical decision on your behalf if you are unable to do it yourself, based on the decisions you have stated in the loving will. The person is often referred as the agent. The agent will be the one responsible to weight the pros and cons of every medical decision and whether a particular treatment should be carried and is relevant to the patient’s wishes in his living will.A living will is an important part of smart living and dying with integrity. The will would service as a guidance to help those around you choose the medical procedures that would help you should an event arise that you are unable to decide for yourself.  For instance, you may want to let your heirs know about your desires and choices support system. Perhaps you don’t want to be resuscitated when you go into a cardiac arrest due to some religious reasons. It can be a difficult decision for your family members but when a situation arise, doctors will tend to honor that living will and execute instructions according to the wishes of the affected party stated in his or her living will.We are all governed by different belief systems and priorities that make us unique and give meaning to our existing. Everyone has their own specific set of values and beliefs that takes precedence over everything else around you. A living will help you achieve this goal easily and the document will serve as proof that you have managed and lived according to your highest values and a loyalty to what is most important to you in times of emergency.The decision to create your own living will can be one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime, It will help your heirs decide on the best thing to do whenever you are afflicted with a medical condition and are unable to make a decision or yourself. The living will be the ultimate guide that would help doctors determine what should be done when all hopes of recovery has gone and there is a big chance of you becoming incapacitated all your life. Instead of becoming a further burden on your family, you can choose to die with dignity and honor and your living will let you achieve that goal.