Spa and Beauty Products are Finding the Topical Benefits of Caffeine

From body scrubs to cellulite treatments, caffeine is being introduced to spa goers and at home beauty product consumers at a rapidly increasing rate. While ingesting caffeine is still catching a bad rap, topical use as part of one’s skin care regimen allows the caffeine to do more than just provide a quick jolt of energy.Caffeine’s antioxidant properties are high on the list of reasons spa and beauty companies are making use of this well known ingredient. A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that one serving of coffee provide more anti oxidants that most fruits. The same study also found that caffeine serves as an anti-inflammatory as well.Producers of anti-aging products are making use of caffeine in their under eye treatments. Primarily, caffeine constricts blood vessels, which in the eye area lends to the reduction of swelling. Additionally, its anti-oxidant properties help reduce the redness that is common with puffy eyes. While the affects are known to be temporary in this case, regular use of these products will lead of the overall appearance of clear, more youthful skin.Around the globe, women are spending thousands of dollars on spa treatments that incorporate ground coffee as a main ingredient, seeking out smooth, flawless skin. The actual coffee grounds perform dual roles in spa treatments. Externally, ground coffee is an excellent, yet gentle exfoliant for the body and face. Whether used alone or in combination with sugar or sea salts and other organic ingredients, coffee is a vital element to top of the line body and facial scrubs. The grounds as well as caffeine infusions are also being used in spa and on the shelf cellulite treatments as the caffeine lending to the constriction of varicose veins making them smaller; therefore, reducing their appearance. Caffeine’s ability to dehydrate and redistribute fat cells leads to smoother, less dimpled skin.Beauty manufactures are also capitalizing on other effects that the inclusion of coffee and caffeine in their product can have on the consumer. From an aromatherapy perspective, the aroma of coffee unconsciously induces perky moods, and uplifted spirits, getting women up and motivated. Because caffeine constricts blood vessels this also plays a part in overall heart health, decreasing the chances for heart disease. These benefits serve as a bonus to the consumer and increase the quality and value of the products making it a win-win situation for manufactures.Consumers are always strongly encouraged to read their product labels and have an understanding of what the ingredients in their skin care product do. Keeping an eye out for products containing caffeine at spa visits and in their health and beauty shopping will allow them to select products more consciously to serve their skin care needs.

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